Bring Along A Coleman Queen Airbed On Your Next Camping Trip

Bring Along A Coleman Queen Airbed On Your Next Camping Trip

A Coleman queen airbed made my day (or should I say – my night), when I went on my first camping adventure. While I was packing for my first camping trip and thinking about my plans, I was really beginning to get worried about sleeping on the ground. As of late, my back had been bothering me pretty bad. I had a sleeping bag, but was not sure If would provide enough support for my back. However, I was very busy and had waited to the last minute to pack, leaving myself without any other option.

So, I went on the trip and I was having a great time until I thought about going to sleep for the night. As I finished putting up the tent, a fellow camper noticed I had (in his words) a pretty flimsy sleeping bag. He elaborated by saying that when he went camping, he only used Coleman products. He then said “today is or lucky day, I happen to have an extra Coleman airbed that I picked up for a friend that had to cancel at the last minute.” He always seem to be so prepared, he then took out a battery operated pump and within a few short minutes the airbed was inflated. I had great nights sleep. I slept like a baby and did not even worry about the animals that could attack during the night (lol). In the morning, I decided to put the sleeping bag out to pasture!

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I was very surprised as to how comfortable the airbed actually was. It felt better than my regular bed at home. When I got back home, I decided to go to the store and check out the airbeds that were available. It was interesting to see how many different choices that were available. I have family and friends that visit and stay overnight, particularly around the holidays, and could certainly use a few extra beds.

The Coleman queen bed is available in a variety of styles. I can choose Harga Mobil Daihatsu from single height or double height style. Some even offer memory foam and pillow top features. Then, I also had the option of getting an air mattress with a built-in pump or purchasing a separate electric or battery operated pump (ideal for outdoor use). Very reasonably priced and very convenient having so many options to choose from.

I made a purchase and brought home the airbeds, relieved to have a choice of bedding for my upcoming visitor to stay next month. I did have one minor concern that, once I used them for the first time, they would be difficult to fold and store. Later I discovered that Coleman offers a Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system which makes easy, hassle-free storage possible. With this storage system, the Coleman air mattress can be easily deflated, folded and rolled up for storage in its carry-on bag.

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This makes it convenient because it is compact enough to not only fit in a smaller space (in a closet or vehicle), but can be easily transported by one person. I don’t have a lot of extra space for storage in my apartment, so I’d love it to be folded into a nice compact size.