The Indian Subcontinent Safari Extravaganza

The Indian Subcontinent Safari Extravaganza

India is known for its various kinds of Safari expeditions. If you are interested in animals and have an adventurous spirit then you must visit India to be a part of different kinds of safaris. There are wild life safaris, horse safaris, and elephant safaris. India is famous for its safari tourism. You should travel to India if you have never had a safari experience. In case, you have been to a safari destination before then also you must visit India to see a safari of a different kind. You are surely going to love the new experience.

India boasts of its Tiger Safari. There are exclusive tiger national parks in the country. If you want to see the royal Bengal Tiger then you must come to India. The tiger safari not only enables you to see the tigers from a closer distance but also allows you to see the various activities of the tigers. There are open jeeps which take you around the jungle. The world famous Tiger reserves to be seen in India are the Jim Corbett National Park, Kanha National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Rathombhore National Park. The tiger is fast disappearing from the planet; therefore, one should not miss the opportunity of seeing it. Travel to India to see the tigers which are on the verge of extinction.

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Another safari which is very popular in India and among tourists is the elephant safari. The wildlife tourism of India has paid a lot of attention to these elephant national parks. They have well-maintained elephant parks and have even got the African elephants to lure the travelers. Some of the famous elephant safaris in India are the Periyar National Park, Kaziranga National Park, and Kanha National Park. The elephant safaris are also commonly found in the big gaming parks of India. Travelers enjoy the elephant rides in India. The elephant safari of Jaipur is the best in the country. You have the provision of renting the elephant which then takes you from the Birla Temple to the Amber Fort. The ride is a long one and the experience you get from this elephant safari is unique and different. You can tour the entire Jaipur city by sitting on the elephant. Imagine sitting on the back of the elephant and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city.

In India you can experience a varied nature safari. If you visit Rajasthan, you can also enjoy a camel safari. Thar Desert is the largest desert in the Lokasi Danau Sentani and camels being desert ships are the mode of transportation here. You can visit historical sites with beautifully decorated camels. Bikaner and Jaisalmer have a high camel race. You can take part in camel safaris conducted in this region. If you like adventure then you must experience horse safari. It is also a kind of game when people choose their horses and participate in horse racing and polo. Horse safaris are popular in Delhi, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

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Travel to India and enjoy the various types of safaris. No place in the world will give you so many options regarding safari vacations.