So Much To See In Costablanca

So Much To See In Costablanca

Make sure when you go you look at your Costa Blanca map. There are so many different things to see and do you do not want to miss anything while you are visiting.

Cities in the Northern Half Of Costablanca

The city that is the most north is Denia. This city has many things to offer to the average visitor with the Castle of Denia as well as a toy museum. There is also the true Spanish life that you will see while you are here to give you the most authentic feel.

In Benissa you will find many things that will intrigue you. The most prominent of which is the vast amount of coastline that is available to you. There are many churches and hospitals to see. And do not forget to stop in and see some of the homes of the former Spanish nobility. You can possibly book yours or just stop in. Make sure you explore as much of the coast as you can as some can be quite adventurous to get to.

In Altea there are five Kilometers of beaches which are vast and beautiful while waiting for you to explore them. There is also the wondrous blue domed church the Nuestra Senora del Consuelo that you will want to see while you are here on your visit. These are just some of the many wonders that you will enjoy during your time here.

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Cities In The South Of Costa Blanca

Just south of Benidorm is Villajoyosa. The town is close to Benidorm but quieter. It has a lot to offer including Jasa PBN. There are also Moorish and Christian festivals celebrated in the last week of July and to commemorate the Moorish landings and subsequent defeats. Another sight to behold is the incredible use of color throughout the city to attract and beautify the area.

When arriving most people do so in Alicante as it is home from the main airport. It also has many different historical sights and buildings to visit upon your arrival.

Torrevieja is the southernmost town on the Costa Blanca. It is famous for its salt production and even has a salt museum for you to visit. The city is also famous as a big fishing town because of its wide harbor. This makes for great fishing as well as fine dining in this large British community in Spain.