Hot Air Balloon Flight Attract More Tourists to Pushkar

Hot Air Balloon Flight Attract More Tourists to Pushkar

Indians have always been fascinated by their own culture and an opportunity to explore it is the best part of their lives. Ancient, medieval and contemporary heritage is an important aspect of each state of India. These states have been in existence since India was freed from the grips of Britishers and since then there has been continuous expansion in their lifestyle, culture and means of living. One of the traditionally rich states is Rajasthan. Located amidst the Thar desert on the western part of India, this is the only state that is glorified by the brave Rajput clan. The ethnically rich cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and Chittorgarh are equally beautiful in comparison to the other cities in the country. Not only do you glimpse landscapes but also festival fever and pilgrimage centers that are no where found else in the world.

Pushkar is a holy place in Rajasthan that is dedicated to Lord Brahma. It is the only place in the world that has a temple to worship Lord Brahma and is visited by people across the globe Pushkar is also known for its festival fever and the much awaited fair that is organized each year. Pushkar fair has it own charm that bowls people and compels them to visit it each year. Pushkar is located near Ajmer and offers splendid scenic views to travelers. Occupied by tourists all thorough the year, this place offers bliss to people from all age groups and proffers quality time to them to spend with near and dear ones. It is a commendable effort by the Rajasthan government, which expands its channels of entertainment each year to maneuver interesting sports, stalls and methods for people.

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The Pushkar temple is decorated with bright colors and lights in the Karthik month as per the Hindu calendar. You come across hermits, old aged people and other tourists who are busy worshipping and taking holy dips in the holy water at the Ghats. Various animals are brought in to offer camel, horse and bull rides and races. These animals are also made quite attractive with gaudy clothes. Apart from this, the Pushkar fair also offers handicraft pieces, home decorative things, jewellery, showpieces carved using brass, metal and wood.

With development on the rise, air balloon flights have re-defined the entertainment and adventure at Pushkar. These balloon flights are creating waves in the city. Most innovative sport of visiting Pushkar has taken a front seat in the list of the tourists. Air balloon flights enable you to have an aerial view of their favorite tourist destination. These rides make your trip quite interesting and memorable for life.