Luxury Safari on The African Soil

Luxury Safari on The African Soil

A journey into the heart and core of Africa is an unforgettable experience. It is a vast, bio diverse land of ethnic values. It is one of the most inviting tourist spots in the world, with very different topographies, and rare species of animals roaming on its soil. It’s a rich ground of thriving activities and tourism is a very flourishing ground of tourism and related services. Tempting tour packages offer you amazing experiences of the wild and untamed Africa. A well detailed itinerary can save your precious time on your holiday, and get you across the beautiful earth filled with awe inspiring sights.


Africa as we see on television; has numerous species of wild animals, reptiles and birds. Majestic Lions, huge elephants, and spotted leopards are very common sight in the plains. Wild and luxury safari into untouched locations and scenes are every wild adventurer’s dream. There are those who also are in passion of tracking mountain gorillas through the dense tropical rain forests in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. One of the world’s most exclusive adventure; is spending time with these gorillas in the wilderness. This trekking is called gorilla trekking. These are rare mammals with only about 650 or so remaining on the face of the earth. Nearing extinction, some of these have been successfully raised and been bred in reserves.

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Mountain Gorillas can be identified with their glossy fur coat which provides them warmth among the chilling forests of the mountains in which they live. Gorillas, like humans, live in closed family units. The alpha male of each unit can usually be recognized as the one having silverback. The role of the alpha male is to protect his family. A typical family unit consists of a silverback, females, juveniles, black backs and infants. There are expert forest guides available who are proficient in jungle expeditions and pursuing gorillas, and you may not be allowed into the forests without a leader, usually natives who have accumulated years of experience in the forest regions.


The rain forests are ever a challenge for trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts. Proficiency and resourcefulness are much needed skills when going into these densely wooded areas. Skillful trackers are very much an essential ‘commodity’ for your luxury safari, and you could learn many things from him. There are only a very few feelings that can be compared to gorilla trekking through the densely packed tropical forests. You should not try to intimidate or feed a wild animal, much less gorilla, because they sense only danger if anyone approaches them. Being a rare species, it comes under the endangered species act of the UNO, and harming them in any way is a punishable offence by law.

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