5 Fun Things to Do on Camping Trips

5 Fun Things to Do on Camping Trips

Camping is always fun. You can make your camping trip even more fun by preparing in advance and inviting people you know who also like camping. You can also make your trip more worthwhile and enjoyable by doing some activities that you can share with fellow travelers, a group or alone.

Here Cheap Air Tickets lists some fun things to try on a camping trip:

  1. Board Games

Who says board games can only be played indoors? You can definitely do it while camping. This time, to make it more enjoyable and to involve everyone, make it a team competition.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt games are mainstays when it comes to camping. This can be done by a group for team building purposes or by a family. The mechanics of the game is simple. There must be an organizing party (like parents or the team leader) to set up the treasure and maps. Participants can work as a team or individually in looking for the treasure.

  1. Fishing

Camping near the lake or sea is perfect for fishing. This is best for bonding among guy friends, fathers and sons or even girls who like to try their hand on catching some fish.

Expect that you may get sun burns so be prepared with a sunscreen. Just remember to bring your fishing gear!

  1. Scavenger Hunt
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This activity is somewhat similar to the Treasure Hunt but doesn’t follow a map. Instead, participants will look for a list of things which can be found within the area. Below is a sample list:

  • Water
  • mud/clay
  • twig
  • bug
  • frog
  • leaf (can specify a color)
  • a round rock or rock shaped like a triangle
  • a spider’s web
  • bird’s feather
  • bird’s nest
  • grass
  • moss
  • lily
  • Something pink or blue (whatever color)
  • Tin can
  • fruit

The list can be longer. There must be an organizing party like the team lead or the parents. Whoever finds all the things on the list first, wins.

  1. Hide and Seek

This game is a classic and loved by children. The camp is a fresh hiding place contrary to the overused area which is your house. Just be sure that the area is safe for children or participants.

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This is a short list of fun things to do on a camping trip. There are still a lot more which you can add to make your camping worthwhile and fun.

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