Trip to Venezuela - Exploring the Charms of Angel Falls

Trip to Venezuela – Exploring the Charms of Angel Falls

Venezuela is an amazing country filled with beautiful and charming landscapes from mountains to beaches; natural parks to waterfalls. This country is blessed with rich historical background that dates back to 1498 when for the first time the famous discoverer Christopher Columbus by chance sighted it during his 3rd voyage to the new world. The very next year in 1499, some Spanish discoverers while staying at the edge of Lake Maracaibo, named the place “Venezuela” or “Little Venice”. They then permanently settled in the country and today it is among the modernized, rich cultured and famous touristic countries of the world.


The Angel Fall is the first highest waterfall of the world. Almost 19 times higher than Niagara Fall, it flows down like a beautiful and mesmerizing stream from a height of 1002 meters. Previously it was famous among the local Pemon Indians as Parekupa-meru, however when in 1937, a US pilot named Jimmy Angel who was in quest of gold, made a crash landing on the Auyan Tepuy, it was given the name of Angel. It is located in the Canaima National Park of La Gran Sabana at the largest side of the Auyan-Tepuy. The surrounding area is covered with grass-bedding.


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Your guide will let you enjoy a great tour of the place. You can book for a guided tour of the place from Caracas; Ciudad Bolivar or even from outside the country, however it may cost you more. Most of the tourists, book for a three day and two night trip, where they prefer to spend each at Canaima and at Angel Falls respectively. You can also go for a one day tour for visiting the Angel falls. In a detailed trip to the Angel Falls, after a five or six hours of boat riding, you will arrive at the base camp, from where at a distance of almost one hour you have to walk along to reach the destination. Tourists, during this long tiring trip, keep themselves excited; fresh; and lively by capturing the scenic beauty spread all over. And finally you will experience the sweetness of your journey by viewing the world’s highest waterfall, which welcomes its visitors with soothing splashing water stream. The night will be spent in hammocks and on the second day, you will be back to Canaima.


In this trip you will enjoy the energetic activity of digging out canoe as well as thrilling task of hiking from the forest gallery to the fall. Most of the tour guides are Spanish speakers but to an extent can also speak English to guide the tourist. Since it is located in the Canaima National Park, visitors are required to pay its entrance fee worth BsF.35. As the area is covered with deep dark jungle where there is tropical wildlife and chances of being infected with yellow fever, it is a requirement for the visitors to get vaccinated for the same prior to entering the place.

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