Trekking in The Himalayas And The Great Himalayan National Park

Trekking in The Himalayas And The Great Himalayan National Park

The Himalayan Range stretches from its eastern tip in India from Arunachal Pradesh, all the way upto its northwestern frontier in the Karakoram and beyond. Religions like Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism have criss-crossed time and again this great mountain system. Trade between regions has forced people to travel across this rugged mountain region overcoming impossible obstacles for their times. The prime commodities that formed the cargo were salt, silk, wool, dry fruits, paper, precious stones, cereals etc. Thus men and pack animals were already accustomed to walking these high ranges. Himalayan Trekking finds its roots in these very necessary journeys!


The modern era divided the ranges with political boundaries, some within the same country and some beyond international borders! The Himalayas are divided into 5 regions: Assam Himalayas stretching from Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim, Nepal Himalayas, Garhwal Himalayas, Punjab Himalayas and Kashmir Himalayas. Each section of the Himalayas has its own uniqueness that now is recognized not only with the geographical features, but also with the peoples of the regions. This makes trekking in Himalayas a very exciting option which not only challenges our physical self but also intrigues our curious minds.


Himachal Pradesh, though a small Himalayan state, by far boasts of the maximum diversity in its terrain and even its cultures. The terrain changes from evergreen temperate forests to its south near Kinnaur to high altitude deserts of Lahaul and Spiti. Further the range in Himachal Pradesh turns westwards into green high altitude alpine forests in the Chamba and Dhaladhar region.

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andwiched between the Kinnaur and the Spiti regions is a tucked away the Great Himalayan National Park which includes the sources of two rivers, Tirthan and Sainj, both tributaries of the Beas. A trek into the base of the mighty SrikandMahadev Mountain and thus Tirath or Hans Kund introduces you to Tirthan valley and the Great Himalayan National Park with fine walks along the Tirthan River. Travel to a place that has been hardly touched by city movers and shakers for years together. The forests have been rid of permanent human settlements and allowed to regenerate after years of isolation. Located in the Kullu Valley, the GHNP offers numerous opportunities to celebrate amidst nature with closed canopy forest & never ending flow of water from Tributary of river Beas-The Tirthanriver.


A walk along this exquisitely beautiful route that follows the young, capricious & full of surprise TirthanRiver can be awe inspiring. You will find wild flowers carpet the slopes, several beautiful flowering & fruit bearing trees as you peacefully trot watching the Tirthanriver foaming & frothing its way downhill.


Besides the GHNP there are many regions like Spiti valley along with Lahaul, Chamba and Dhauladhar Region, Bharmour region, Kinnauretc, each with its unique mountain ranges and high passes. Trekking Himachal could be a truly fulfilling experience and an essential item for any trekkers, novice or professional. This state just cannot be ignored for its natural beauty and human challenges!

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