Explore The Paradise on The Earth - Cuopugou National Forest Park

Explore The Paradise on The Earth – Cuopugou National Forest Park

Cuopugou National Forest Park is located in Batang County, Garze Tibetan Aut. Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a mysterious place for tourists because of rough road to enter. The essence of park lies in the collection of snow mountain, glacier, virgin forests, clear lakes, streams, valleys, waterfalls, hotsprings, grasslands, temples and Tibetan atmosphere. Starting from Mangkang County, we finally arrived at the forest after hard self-drive experience. It is not hyperbolic to say that we are shocked by the otherworldly scenery.


We feasted our eyes on the beauty of park. The park is characterized by quietness and colorfulness. Grasslnad, valley and banks of lakes are decorated with various kinds of beautiful wild flowers. It was very enjoyable to lie on the grassland and immerse yourself into the imagination.


It is also accessible to take the local off-road vans in Cuola or Chaluo towns. But we did’t ask how much the fare is. In the day we entered there, a few local Tibetans and several young tourists take the vans to Cuopu Temple. If you plan to take local vans to Cuopugou, you cannot enjoy the pleasure of soaking your feet in the hotspring from a small pit you can dig. Turning at Cuola Town and driving upstream along the bank, we got to geothermal valley. The valley is filled with the hotspring, filling the air with the odor of sulfur. The temperature of hotspring can reach 100??? and we choose to soak our feet in lower temperature of hotspring.

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There are many mysterious holy mountains and lakes and every one of them has their own folklores. Cuopu Lake which is considered as “The First Holy Lake in Kangba Area” is no exception www.discgolfdir.com. It is said that believers of Tibetan Buddhism circling around the lake equal to more than ten million times of reading sutra so numerous believers come here to pilgrim.


At the end of Cuopugou stands many snow peaks. The one staning at the forefront is named General Peak by tourists. All these snow peaks have a common name Zha Jin Jia Bo whing means king and queen in Tibetan. According to the local legend, king and his queen from the heaven had a tour here and were so captured by the charming view that they forgot to return to the heaven. So the Heaven Emperor made them become eternal peaks. At the foot of snow mountains stands a temple called Cuopu Temple which are famous in Kangba Tibetan area. The buildings of the temple is very old with exquisite sculpures on.


Cuopugou enjoys the reputation of “Oriental Alps” and “Soul of Shangri-la”.


The best time to visit here lies in May and June when periods of heavy rainfall alternate with periods of drought. It is not very hot and the rainfall is low.

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