Himachal Pradesh The Mystic Land of The Northern Hills

Himachal Pradesh The Mystic Land of The Northern Hills

Himachal Pradesh is one of the popular tourists attracted area well known for its enchanting and alluring sceneries of the snowcapped mountains and the scintillating hills capes. The state is located in the northern part of India covering an area of 55,673 square kilometer. The place has a lot of mysteries and it was once well known as the Dev Bhumi which means the Abode of Gods mainly situated on the Western Himalayas.


Some of the famous tourist fascinating hill stations of Himachal Pradesh are listed below you can go through and select the best site for your enjoyments. They are as follows:


The city is lovingly called the queen of the hills because of the beautiful picturesque scenery of this hill station. The glorious glowing images of this snowcapped hill during winter rapes the attention of tourist and capture millions of heart. When you come for Tours to Himachal she is the first receptionists you will find who renders you the most suitable warm welcome fitted with the hospitality where you will eye witness the quality of the gentile queen.


The well known tourist destination is mainly attracted for its mystic wonders worked by the nature like we find the mysterious springing out of hot spring water amidst the cold climate of this place and the mystery does not stop here as the water has a spell of healing power which make the millions tourist attracted to this small village of the Vashisht in Manali. The place is not only mystic in nature but also facilitate a lot of excitement and entertainments favored by the place.

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The place also possesses a lot of eye capturing sight which add colors to the tourism company. If you log in to the Himachal Pradesh Tour you will be stunned with the picturesque images of the Kullu valley. The valley has a lot of breathtaking sights of the landscapes dotted with snow and the enchanting Manali hills as the background of this city. Kullu Manali facilitates various exciting sports which can make your tour more enjoyable and entertaining and some of such thrilling games pulsating in these places are hiking, skiing, mountaineering, rafting, jeep safaris and paragliding are some of the exciting entertainments that can really lighten up the people and soak in the world of joy and happiness.


Thus for this reason the place is known as the paradise for the sports and adventure lovers as the place offers a wide scope of activities for such people. their also many famous temples where the elderly people can enjoy as they are not much interested in sports and adventure due to physical weakness and for such people the best ways of entertainment is to go for a short sightseeing in the temples like the Raghnuth temple, the Jagannathi temple and the Bijli Mhadev temple etc are some of well visited temples by the tourist because of its wonders and marvelous designs and fame. So precisely saying this small valley is filled with manifold blessings that can capture and delight millions of soul.

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Apart from these popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh there are also some major towns well favored and interested by the tourist they are the Dharamshala, Kangra and Mandi. So make sure to visit this mystic land of the northern hills and transform your ways of life and make it meaningful.